Still alive; back at the library

October 15, 2007 Jordana

That pretty much covers it. We technically have Internet at home now, but my computer is being annoying due to W*indows V*ista. Don’t get it, is all I’m saying.

Potty Training started this morning with much fanfare and new Big Girl Panties. So far we are at 50% and holding (holding in a diaper for nap and library trip, that is).

Ngaire has taken to putting things to bed all over the house. The question whenever I enter a room is not “if” but “what” and “where.” So far I’ve found my brush under a burp rag, a piece of banana under a slice of ham (with some cheese as a pillow), etc. etc. etc.

I asked Ngaire what a sheepdog says, and she said, “Baa-Woof!”

Liam has discovered both his feet, though he has not yet maneuvered them to his mouth. He is also fully (and easily) sleep-trained (though not sleeping through the night yet), further cementing his dream-child status.

I sang an F sharp (second one above middle C; I forget what it’s called at the moment) and discovered our house’s frequency. The Husbandlet says we shall have to warn the next tenants not to invite an orchestra in to play F sharp simultaneously.

Better go before one or both of my children implodes. Kisses!


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  • 1. Mary&hellip  | 

    Kisses to you too. And God bless you as you potty train. I shall *never* forget the phone call I made to you last summer (was that last summer?) when we were potty training. It did get MUCH better from there, thankfully. In retrospect it (potty training, not cleaning up) went rather quickly.

  • 2. nate&hellip  | 

    Oh, the days when I could sing that F#! The tritone above my favorite C, how I loved it! Now I get to sing the F#s down yonder. They’re not nearly as exciting to sing as to play on a trombone.

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