Day 6 and holding! In a manner of speaking!

October 21, 2007 Jordana

Ngaire is mostly potty trained now. Hoorah, hip hip, etc.! Day 3, it turns out, was the low point–I think she only used the actual potty twice, and everything else went on the floor–but I now realize that the little Squid was testing me that day to see if I really meant it, as things were great from Day 4 on. For clarification purposes, I did indeed train her using the method Julia mentions in comments on the last post (too lazy to get the link, also at library, so moments are few) plus dark chocolate M&M’s as a reward (one for Ngaire, a handful for Mommy). And of the carpet cleaning, there was much, but she’s now putting almost all deposits in the potty and seems to be pretty happy about it on the whole. She’s not telling me when she needs to Go, but as long as I put her on the potty every so often after a drink, all is well.

Ngaire quote-ish thingy: Whenever the Husbandlet is grinding his coffee, Ngaire asks him for a coffee beetle (bean). She came up with this extreme cuteness all by herself.

She has a small Junior Asparagus finger puppet, which she has developed quite the attachment to over the last few days. Yesterday, she started shoving Junior in my face. Me: “That’s NGAIRE’S Junior” (a variation on “That’s NGAIRE’S [broccoli, binky, milk, whatever she’s trying to put in my mouth]”). Ngaire: “No, give Junior kisses!” This morning I asked her, “Where’s Junior?” She said, “Is Junior sleeping?” (She phrases most statements as questions; I guess we must fire a LOT of questions at her every day.) Indeed, Junior had been put to bed on the kitchen floor under a dishrag.

Liam has navigated his toe to his mouth. He is full of smiles and cuddles and is so easy a baby that I’m rather afraid to have another.

I’m off to catch up on blogs now. Hugs and coffee beetles!


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  • 1. Becky&hellip  | 

    Ooooh, I think the randomly placed tucked stuffed animals/finger puppets are what encourage us to continually loving our children some days….I just found a tucked in koala bear in my bed. Frank is at work tonight. Do I move it? I dare not. Too cute.

    I make a plea for pictures dear Jordana.
    Much Love,

  • 2. Becky&hellip  | 

    Sorry for the plea for pictures….Just remembered your lack of an I.S.P. serving your H.O.U.S.E. Booo on me.

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