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December 10, 2007 Jordana

So, our big news of the past week or so is that our young Liam, at the age of five months, is beginning to crawl.

He has always been an avid tummy-timer, and also quite determined to scooch about while on his tummy, but for the past few days he has been hitching himself up into crawling position, and now he can hike one leg forward and pull himself with his arm before collapsing onto his tummy again. He makes quite a bit of progress around the floor this way. Of course, he also engages in the occasional back-scooch, which has a tendency to get him stuck under furniture, much to his dismay.

Abrupt subject change.

On Saturday night, due to my parents’ kind babysitting (and Liam’s newfound sleep training which has him sleeping five hours at a stretch at night), the Husbandlet and I had an actual date! With hamburgers! And a free Shakespeare play at a nearby college! The play was The Tempest, and was a lot of fun, though the performance itself was uneven at best. Our favorite moment of the evening came in the scene where Prospero calls up all sorts of goddesses to entertain Ferdinand and Miranda (technically to keep them from getting too friendly, though in this particular peformance it seemed to be to keep them from running out of conversation topics).

The actress playing Juno appeared on the stage, a large-ish lass in a flowing white robe. She walked along the raised part at the back of the set, stepped onto the large fake stump to get to the main stage floor …

… Ariel said a line which conveyed, “This is Juno: I recognize her by her gait” …

… and the buxom Juno stepped onto the stage with a WHUMP that made the scenery shake.

As the Husbandlet remarked, now we know why Jupiter was always keeping his romantic options open.


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  • 1. Neb&hellip  | 

    Wow. Just… wow. 😉

    Love, Neblet

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