Resolution-ish musings

January 7, 2008 Jordana

Pro: My hair doesn’t look too scuzzy.
Con: I haven’t had a haircut in six months and two days. Count ’em.

* NOTE: Incidentally, six months and two days is how much older I am than the Husbandlet*

Pro (I think): I can now drink a cup of regular coffee without getting too buzzy.
Con: A quarter glass of wine still puts me under the table.

Pro: I had a two-hour nap this afternoon.
Con: I had a three-hour nap last night (Liam is teething).

Pro: My one-size-up and maternity pants are starting to feel a bit loose.
Con: I am still wearing one-size-up and maternity pants.

Pro: Ngaire is sporadically potty-trained.
Con: The operative word is “sporadically.” And she seems to consider Bodily Functions something One Does Not Discuss in Polite Society (i.e., with one’s mommy). Hello, Miss Manners!

Pro: I am no longer spending hours every day blog-reading.
Con: The newspaper! It keeps coming! Every day! And it wants to be read! And! The Husbandlet, out of the pity of his heart, gave in to a young door-to-door-it’s-funding-my-way-through-college NEWSPAPER DELIVERY PERSON! And we’ll soon be getting TWO NEWSPAPERS!

And finally …

Con: Our old Mercury, the Behemoth, is being figuratively laid to rest. Utterly figuratively, you understand. It didn’t pass our new state’s inspection, so we’re selling it in our old state.
Pro: Tomorrow we will become the proud owners of a 1998 silver Honda Civic. I’m looking forward to coming up with a creative name. (Our other car, another Honda, is named Penelope, because we hope to get at least 20 years of faithfulness out of her.)


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. nate&hellip  | 

    Two newspapers? That’s totally pimp.

  • 2. Jordana&hellip  | 

    You come here and read them, then.

    I’m serious! I need backup!

    As Jack Bauer would say, “Dammit! There’s no time!”

  • 3. nate&hellip  | 

    If I came over to read them, and then you took care of disposal, I think we could all get along. As it goes now, I partially read any papers I get and then make piles large enough to be decent end tables.

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