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January 28, 2008 Jordana

In the mornings, I change Liam’s diaper and bring him downstairs to play on the floor while I get Ngaire. Then I bring her down, put on her clothes, take off her diaper, and tell her, “Run to the potty!” For awhile, she would get caught up in the excitement of running and forget to protest the “potty” element of the command. The sight of her little naked tushie dashing to the bathroom always made my morning.

A week or so ago, she got all sedate on me. Now, when I tell her, “Run to the potty!” she corrects me, “I want to walk to the potty.” And then she does, with as much dignity as a half-naked two-year-old can muster (quite a lot, as it turns out).

Yesterday, totally unrelated to potty activities, I told her, “Run like the wind!” Ngaire said emphatically, “I want to walk like the wind.”

* * *

Around 2:20 this morning, I heard Liam make a suspicious gagging noise and found, indeed, that he and I were covered with rather nasty spit-up.

It’s funny how things start to make sense in layers when you wake up in the middle of the night covered with baby vomit. Here’s how my thought process went.

1. It’s just a little spit-up; we’ll sleep on it.
2. Well, I should run a wet wipe over the sheet.
3. And the baby.
4. And me.
5. Maybe I should change the baby’s onesie while I’m at it.
6. Oh, yuck.
7. Shower (me and Liam) and sheet change (courtesy of the Husbandlet).

As we got back in bed (minus the baby, who was relegated to his own bed for awhile), the Husbandlet acquired major points by saying, “There’s no one I’d rather be dealing with vomit in the middle of the night with than you.”


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  • 1. Neb&hellip  | 

    Awww… so sorry…

    Middle-of-the-night showers and sheet changes haven’t happened around here. Um… yet.

    I just totally jinxed it, didn’t I?

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