Practically perfect in every way

February 21, 2008 Jordana

The Husbandlet didn’t have to work on Presidents’ Day, so we decided to have a family day at the Smithsonian. After Liam’s first nap, we packed up the diaper bag with lunch stuff and sweaters (and diapers), took the Metro into D.C., and hit the Museum of Natural History. It was a glorious day, warm and clear. Ngaire was aquiver with excitement on the train, and she loved the exhibits at the museum … her favorites were the elephant in the entryway and the dinosaur fossils. She correctly identified a pteranodon model, and she patted a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Liam slept on my chest in the Ergo.

We ate a picnic lunch in the Mall, enjoying the fair weather. After lunch, we packed the kidlets into the stroller and walked for a little while. Then we spontaneously decided to visit the National Gallery of Art. This was a happy choice … Ngaire fell asleep in the stroller and Liam took another nap in the Ergo. The Husbandlet and I got to enjoy the art and some good conversation in a quiet atmosphere … we made it through the Florentines and the Flemings.

When Ngaire woke up, we took her for a run among the Rodins (Ngaire said that Rodin’s “Sphinx/Woman figure” was Mommy, and identified a large male nude as Daddy). We also noticed that it had started to rain quite heavily outside.

Our dash through the puddles to the Metro station turned us into a family of drowned rats, though the rain had actually lightened up a bit by the time we got everybody’s sweaters on and half of us packed into the stroller. The train still held some thrill for Ngaire on the way home.

At home, I got Liam down for a nap, and then we watched a Bob with Ngaire, snuggled on the living room floor with a giant bowl of buttery popcorn. Then we ate the Husbandlet’s famous curry for dinner, the two little people were bathed and put to bed, and the Husbandlet and I finished up a disc of 24.

I mean, seriously, can you imagine a better day? I can’t. The write-up certainly doesn’t do it justice.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Valerie&hellip  | 

    Sounds lovely!

  • 2. That Other Jordana&hellip  | 

    It does sound like a great day. I don’t think I knew you were so close to DC now.

  • 3. Sarah&hellip  | 

    That sounds awesome! How far are you in 24 now?

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