It never rains

March 21, 2008 Jordana

Let’s recap the last few weeks, shall we?

Just when I was congratulating our family on somehow making it through the flu season perfectly well, Liam got a bad cold. Then Ngaire got the stomach flu. I think I am adapting to this parenting thing, because I did not totally freak out at the first sign of vomit (though I did get rather snippy at the Husbandlet, who chirped as I was cleaning up, “I think I’ll finish breakfast at work … maybe there’ll be doughnuts!”).

Then Ngaire got Liam’s cold, which turned into croup. She sounded like the offspring of a seal and an asthmatic frog. When I took her to the pediatrician, said pede pointed out that the odd little rash I had half-noticed on my daughter might be a staph infection, whilst giving me the “Yes, you are an incompetent mommy!” look.

Then Liam started cutting his second tooth in earnest. Sleep? What is this sleep of which you speak? And, to round things out, yesterday I had either the stomach flu or a mild case of food poisoning.

So, yes! We are unclean! We have equipped ourselves with bells so you can hear us coming! Or, we would if we ever left the house anymore!

In better news, the Husbandlet got back from his research trip yesterday. I have said it before: I have no clue how single parents survive.


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  • 1. kim&hellip  | 

    SO glad your partner is back. Sounds like quite a run of things. Here we’ve been fighting off a cold to various degrees of success. . .hopefully in April all the children will be well! Glad you survived and glad you have help again!

  • 2. Becky&hellip  | 

    Sounds like a good Bible scrubbing with a little Leviticus 14 (skin rashes and how to cleanse an unclean household) is right up your alley! *HUGS* and grim laughter. You are not alone dear mothering friend…AND, the encouragement is: “this too, shall pass!”
    Thanks for your phone message, btw. I really appreciated it yet have no idea why I didn’t hear the phone when you called. I think I’m loosing my hearing in my old age. 😉

    Love you! Much love from rainy Gresham, OR! Hug the rest of the Longs for us, eh? <–I really want to go to Canada…wanna go?

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