Ten months

May 7, 2008 Jordana

As of yesterday, Liam has officially been out of the womb for a whole month longer than he was in it.

His biggest ambition right now is to be more Up. If he is on the floor, he wants to crawl up a strategically-placed toy onto the sofa. If he is on the sofa, he wants to climb up its back onto the windowsill. If he is on the windowsill, he wants to pull to a standing position, holding onto the pane, and then scrabble with his little turned-out feet on the glass in an attempt to climb that too. We amuse many neighbors this way.

He has 3.5 teeth and eats like a little ravenous thing. He is so totally bored with baby food, and squawks forcefully to be given bits (or pieces) of our big people food. Despite all this, he is still just a little guy: At his nine-month appointment, he was below the charts in everything except head circumference.

He loves to be chased. He’ll head toward the bathroom if I’ve forgotten to close the door, and he’ll peer over his shoulder on the way to see if I’ve noticed. When I start after him, he takes off, cackling and wiggling his little tush wildly as he crawls.

He has a beautiful, slow smile that just gets wider and wider. Sometimes he accompanies it with a scrunched-up nose and lots of snuffling. Having recently kicked the worst of his separation anxiety, he has even started lunging out of my arms toward whoever he’s been smiling/snuffling at.

His relationship with Ngaire is still a bit ambiguous; she doesn’t seem to mind having him around, and will occasionally try to get him to chase her. Other than that, she veers between indifference and tenderness. She’ll pat his head and occasionally hug him. In church on Sunday, she put her arm around him, and he lit up enough to run the overhead projector.

I love you, my little baby man!


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  • 1. nate&hellip  | 

    I’m particularly fond of the nose wrinkling. It’s adorable.

  • 2. Sarah&hellip  | 

    He is so adorable! I can’t wait to see him in person.

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