A typical dinner at our house

May 19, 2008 Jordana

Me: OK, dinner’s ready! Ngaire, run to your high chair!

Ngaire: I need some food! I want to eat!

The Husbandlet: Wonderful, because we’ve got food for you. Would you like some [insert main dish of evening]?

Ngaire: I want no! I want no [main dish]!

Liam: Squawk! (Translation: I’d like some dinner, too, please!)

Me: Sweetheart, this is what is for dinner.

Ngaire: I want NO THANK YOU [main dish] and I want STRAWBERRIES!

Liam: Squawk! (Translation: A few Cheerios would go down quite nicely, thank you.)

The Husbandlet: Ngaire, if you eat all your dinner, you may have some strawberries.

Me: Here, have a bite.

Ngaire: (Scrunches up her eyes and mouth.)

Liam: Squawk! (Translation: Sweet potatoes with peas? Ooh, lovely.)

The Husbandlet: Ngaire, open up and take a bite.

Ngaire: I want some ice cream.

The Husbandlet: Only if you eat all your food.

Ngaire: (Writhes and flails.)

Liam: Squawk! (I seem to recall there might be some of that delicious applesauce around …)

Me: Ngaire! Behave!

Ngaire: (Totally unaffected by my eloquent plea.)

Liam: Squawk. (Or perhaps the merest taste of yogurt?)

Ngaire, the Husbandlet, and me: (A battle of will ensues that ends with Ngaire eating Three Bites.)

Ngaire: I want All Done.

Liam: Squawk? (Translation: Can I have her leftovers?)


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  • 1. Mary&hellip  | 

    It’s a cinch that no food will ever pass the lips of our second child. With number one being SUCH a good eater (as in I didn’t get to eat my last pancake this morning) it seems impossible that we could have a second one so easy to please. Or maybe what I really mean is that after our omnivore passes through there will be nothing left on the table for number two.

  • 2. Neb&hellip  | 

    No wonder your Fiery one is so skinny!!

    (And little Liam just burns off all his sweet potatoes and cheerios in those death-defying trapeze acts around the house, right?)

    It will be interesting to see how our little chubby-cheeked munchkin responds to dinner time. If she actually has to be AWAKE to eat her food she might not eat so much… 😉

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