There was joy in Mudville

June 20, 2008 Jordana

Last night, I deflated, folded and put away our air mattress. The kidlets have successfully shared a bedroom for four nights now. The Husbandlet and I have our room—and even more importantly, our extremely comfortable non-inflatable bed—once again.

(You knew that the adults of this family have been sleeping in the living room for the past two months whilst the little ones reclined in single-room luxury, right? First Liam needed sleep-training, which was mercifully short/sweet, but just as he started sleeping through the night, Ngaire developed later bedtime needs, which involved lots of rambunctiousness in her room at night.)


* * *

The Husbandlet announced that he will be spending the day making cages for his interns.

I think the obvious follow-up question is, what do you use for intern bait?

* * *

It has come to my attention that my church has discovered my blog, due to traffic from my blogroll link. Hi, everybody! Feel free to give me a shout-out in the comments.

Apologies in advance for any tediousness contained herein. When I was a teacher, the studentlets gave me plenty of entertaining blog fodder, but now I’m pretty much down to cute stories about my kids and double-entendres about my husband. Also, now that Garey is reading, I will have to keep the heresy to a minimum. So there goes that.

* * *

Apropos of nothing, I’m having a really hard time making it through Watership Down. I don’t know why. It’s not that the bunnies are too fuzzy for me, though of course they are fuzzy, in the most menacing way imaginable. It’s just that right now I’m not sure they’ll ever get out of the beanfield.

So if you really really love this book (hi, Neb!), please tell me why. Maybe that will give me the burst of interest needed to read the next approx. 8,291 pages.

Also? I wound up skimming Things Fall Apart. It bored me to tears. I am a terrible English major and an unworthy African-in-law.


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  • 1. Mary&hellip  | 

    I don’t remember precise opinions I had about Watership Down. It might have helped me get through it or enjoy it (or whatever I did) that my dear husband read it to me. It has been over four years, now that I think about it. And THAT is why I don’t recall . . . .

  • 2. Adelet&hellip  | 

    OK, I need a little more backstory, hearkening all the way to a few posts ago.

    There was something about a husbandlet leaving for Florida on a one-way ticket for a research project.


    There was a mention of husbandlets being gone and kidlets having diarrhea.


    Then there’s a passing reference to Ngaire talking to husbandlet (yours, not hers) after work the day of the post.

    O ………… K ………. so husbandlet’s back now? That was quick?

    And now you’ve been sleeping on the living room floor … for two months.


  • 3. Neb&hellip  | 

    Hey dearest Jordanalet,

    Congrats on moving back to your room!! I am looking forward to having TWO BEDROOMS in our NEW APARTMENT so that The Chicken will have HER OWN BED so that Nate and I can once again RESUME MARITAL RELATIONS (aauughh! pastor reading! hi pastor! um, married people have sex, you know that, so I guess we’re okay here…) in OUR OWN BED…

    Watership Down? I have a feeling it’s one of those books you can only really appreciate if you read it in childhood. (To wit: I struggled through The Hobbit as an adult, having somehow missed the boat as a kid.) If you really want to keep going… yes, they get out of the beanfield, and on page 4,365 or so, Hazel and Bigwig have this Platonic Emotionally Climactic Moment (I think involving some nose-rubbing and poignant observations about Friendship)
    that makes me say “WOW THIS IS A GOOD BOOK” every time I read it. The plot does intensify considerably down the road… I promise…

    Love, Neb

    PS Things Fall Apart freaked me out because of dark spirituality, I think. I mean I think I only read the first page or two… or the back cover…

  • 4. nate&hellip  | 

    The problem with interns is that they are often not compelled by food, which is hands down the best way to catch grad students.

    Don’t feel bad about your church discovering you blog. Think of what my church would do with mine!

    Things Fall Apart was a sleeper. There’s no shame in saying it. I didn’t read it when I took lit with Dr. Jones. In fact, I skipped about 10 of 13 books that semester. I was too busy reading things I liked, like Tom Clancy and John Updike. That reminds me, I need to read The Witches of Eastwick before the sequel comes out this fall.

  • 5. kim&hellip  | 

    i loved wtsp dwn, though i can’t remember why exactly. i read it 1st time when i taught it to the freshmen english class at a jesuit prep school. and i really, really loved things fall apart.

    but I HAted that endless drama you liked–(all but the first 2-3 parts) brideshead revisited!

    so there you are.

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