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October 10, 2008 Jordana

The other day, Ngaire and Liam were tootling about the living room, and as Ngaire tootled, she narrated her activities. Thus, I overheard (and eventually intervened in, and managed not to laugh about until later) the following commentary.

“I am picking up the book!”

“I am running around the room!”

“I am hitting Liam!”

Despite the horrific violence, those two are actually developing a fun relationship. Yesterday, they managed to wreak havoc on their naptime because Ngaire kept climbing into Liam’s crib with him, whereupon they would both laugh maniacally. Ngaire now has specific funny noises she makes just to make Liam laugh, and they have a game where Ngaire says, “Beat!” and pushes Liam’s stomach to make him fall over. He loves this. She’s actually very gentle, and is careful to push him so he falls away from furniture and walls and other potential injurizing factors. He’s starting to show some interest in trying to reciprocate the beatings. For his part, Liam’s morning routine now includes smacking kisses all over Ngaire’s face.

Speaking of which, I asked Liam if he could say “I love you,” and he responded by puckering up and making a kissing noise.

He actually can say quite a lot, including “All done bottle” and “Night-night,” and I swear that he essayed “Daddy went to work” one morning after I said it.

Speaking of which again (how do you like dem transitions?), the Husbandlet is still far, far away (he’ll be back on Tuesday), and I am still nauseated, but less so, because

(drumroll transition this time)

I am almost done with the first trimester of the Ctenophore’s existence, e.t.a. May 2009. For those of you frantically counting backwards, yes, we managed to conceive two weeks after the miscarriage, a situation that, let me tell you, is guaranteed to get you chewed out by lots of nurses. But we are excited and an early ultrasound showed a happy little heartbeat (just one heart), and yay! Ctenophore is pronounced “TEEN-oh-for,” by the way.

The Husbandlet asked over the phone the other night if he was doing a good job as a husband. My response? “Well, aside from continually impregnating me and then immediately leaving for Florida for weeks on end, you’re doing just great!” We really will have to work on that particular habit of his, though.


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  • 1. Sarah&hellip  | 

    Lily has started sitting in the exersaucer (which Isaiah hates her doing), and the other day Isaiah was giggling while playing with it with her in it. I asked him what he was doing from the other room, and he said “hitting Wiwy.” Ah, the joys of two children!

  • 2. Neb&hellip  | 

    Woot for the newest little Longlet! I am praying for you, my friend, as you hang on with the demi-single-parenting thing… when does Husbandlet return? I think you are Very, Very Brave and I would totally come over and watch your kids while you curl up with a book, if I could…

    Hugs to the little Ctenophore! We love you guys!

  • 3. kim&hellip  | 

    yeah! hoorah for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • 4. Mary&hellip  | 

    Yay, Ctenophore! Yay, Jazz! Grow and rest, respectively.

  • 5. Julia Miller&hellip  | 


  • 6. nate&hellip  | 

    Hmmmmm… nickname with contentious phylogeny. Are you simply making a statement about primitive physical (in the physicist sense) properties of an embryo or are you also thinking about the crap people universally give over other people’s choices of names for their children?

  • 7. Papaya Mommy&hellip  | 

    Hurrah! Congratulations! I was hoping that your upset tummy mentioned last post *might* just have something to do with procreation. Hope the nausea leaves for good soon and that Husbandlet returns for a good long time.

  • 8. Valerie&hellip  | 

    Yeah! So happy for you and praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy. So were you pregnant when I was at your house? You are fertile, my friend. 😉

  • 9. Becky&hellip  | 

    Hey Friend! I assume that the lack of blogging is due to an at home husband! 😀 If that is the case, fabulous! So glad things are going well, and yes…children don’t need bobo dolls when they have each other! 😀 Oh the joys. We’re praying for you guys! Hugs to all! 😀

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