November 24, 2008 Jordana

We are now at the Husbandlet’s brother and sister-in-laws’s house, eating all their food and looking forward to Thanksgiving. They have a most unfortunate cat named Pippin, unfortunate because said cat has of course attracted the devotion of both my external children. Ngaire is content to watch Pippin eat and give it hugs and pats; Liam has a tendancy to go in grabbing. Pippin scratched at him once, so now we’re all quick to fling ourselves at Liam every time he heads in the cat’s direction.

While Ngaire was watching her adored Lightning McQueen just now, Liam made it another goal of his to turn off the TV as many times as possible. We were doing a lot of across-the-room flinging/thwarting. So at one point, Liam started at the TV, noticed the cat and made a grab, and while my brother-in-law was still in the momentum of deflecting the cat-grab, Liam veered and went for the TV.

I’m blaming this sneakiness on the Husbandlet’s genetic contribution.

* * *

We spent Friday through Sunday mornings with friends in our former hometown while the Husbandlet attended his grad school buddy’s dissertation defense. On Friday night, our other friends watched the kidlets while the Husbandlet and I went to the post-defense bash. Ngaire had her first experience of sleeping in a sleeping bag. The next morning, I went to get her and asked if she had had fun with Mr. Angelo and Miss Janet. She said, “Yes, we played and then they put me to sleep in a bag.”

* * *

In order to attend the 9:30 a.m. dissertation defense, we had to leave our house by 5:45. Setting the alarm depressingly early the night before, I said, “All I can say is, Bryce had better be spectacularly successful.”

The Husbandlet said, “I’d settle for a spectacular failure.”

Fortunately, we got the former. Congratulations, Dr. Bryce! Assuming we can call you that now.

* * *

TMI alert!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I am going into, like, week 6 of constant UTIs, which seem to have morphed into a kidney infection. I’m on another antibiotic now, and wondering just how many heads the poor little Ctenophore is going to have.


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  • 1. Anne&hellip  | 

    I go away for one minute – congratulations – you’re pregnant! You probably knew that.

  • 2. Neb&hellip  | 

    Feel better dear one!! Bad infection. Go away.

    My (still unnamed) embryo sends greetings to the Ctenophore and wishes her/him a very joyous Thanksgiving!

    Love, Neb

  • 3. Granddaddy&hellip  | 

    You do know, SCbT that YOUR inlaws read this thing. All I can say is that if Liam’s sneaky genes come from the non-Ashman side of the tree, it must come from the non-Long line, because my momma (backed by my good father) mercilessly beat the sneaky genes out of me before I was 7. Chris will tell you that intervention on this, the beating out of me level, doesn’t have a genetic effect, but I can tell you that it does. No sneaky genes could have possibly survived this treatment, and it happened way before any children were sired by me.

  • 4. Valerie&hellip  | 

    Sorry to hear about the UTIs. Been there, done that and find it desperately hard to be even a bit cheerful in the midst of their effect. Hugs and prayers for a quick recovery, especially before your big trip next month. Miss you guys.

  • 5. kim&hellip  | 

    Sneakiness. Definitely runs in the family.

    So sorry about the yuckiness. Pregnancy is so wonderful, and such a pain. Yours will be the first in our family to have more than one head, so congratulations! Does that mean more/better Christmas presents?

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