Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2008 Jordana

Well, here we are near Pittsburgh, visiting the Husbandlet’s aunt and uncle and grandparents and various relatives. Today, their little house squeezed in around 20 people for Christmas dinner, which was pleasant at least from my perspective until someone else’s two-year-old vomited, an occurance designed to make me paranoid. Here’s hoping that my little nuclear family has a vomit-free week, especially as we have big plans to visit another set of family on Saturday.

Other than that, it has been (and continues to be) a lovely visit, with lots of nice people and pie.

Blogging will certainly be light for the month of January (here’s where the peanut gallery can start complaining that blogging has been disgracefully light in general), as we will be in South Africa and Botswana visiting the Husbandlet’s parents. Ngaire and the Husbandlet started their doses of Larium today. On the other hand, I may have to arrange Internet access just to blog about any weird dreams they have as a result.

Ngaire appears to have pretty much totally potty-trained over the last week and a half or so. She now announces when she needs to poop (here’s the mommy giggling gleefully), and has had only one wet overnight diaper in the same amount of time. (That one wet diaper was yesterday morning, when she woke up saying “Drat,” which I think meant whe woke up to find herself peeing and couldn’t do much about it at that point.) So my goals of binky and diaper deletion by 2009 seem to be achieved, although by nothing I’ve done. Ngaire is an interesting one; she pretty much does things on her own, when she’s ready, and not before.

I do have one complaint about her, though, which I’ve been meaning to vent to the blogosphere for awhile. There is this Thing she does, this Thing that I very much wish she would not do. If there is a food item she really really does not want to eat, she will MAKE HERSELF THROW UP to get out of eating it. Me, I hate vomiting so much that I would never in a million years actually force myself to do such a thing. I am blaming the Husbandlet’s overactive gag reflex for this.

Maybe I should add that habit to the deletion-by-New-Year’s list. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Despite my long blogging hiatus, I fear that I can’t come up with much more creative stuff to say, so lots of love to my Internet friends, and more later! With pictures! Of my kids! And possibly lions!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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