32.5 weeks; but this post contains almost nothing about the poor Ctenophore

March 14, 2009 Jordana

Hello? Um, hello, vast readership! I have been a Bad Blogger lately. It’s not that nothing has been going on, more that something major was in the process of going, and I was waiting for a final word on that to natter on about it online. As it turns out, the Major Thing (the Husbandlet was one of two candidates being considered for a job in Southern California) did not pan out (they gave it to the other guy), so we’re back to square one (putting out the job applications and wondering where we’re going to be, not so much next year as LATER THIS SUMMER).


And as you may recall, we’re having a baby in May. I am torn between “Boy, I’d better get packing, because I’m over seven months pregnant and not getting any smaller!” and “Boy, I really don’t feel like packing, because I’m over seven months pregnant and not getting any smaller.”

I am also feeling the internal pressure, and not just from the little person in there who comfortably settles onto my bladder every time I stand up. For years, I have proclaimed to all and sundry that I really, really want four children. Now that #3 is nigh, I am wondering if I want to stop now. And that means a little outpatient surgery for the Husbandlet, and THAT means no going back. Ahhh! The pressure!

Let’s see, vat else? I am delighted by how my 20-month-old and 44-month-old are now playing together (or at least in the same room) for large quantities of time. Ngaire has started a whole new level of imaginative play, from which it is increasingly hard to tear her. I’m not complaining. Liam manages not to seriously hurt himself in our house as a general rule. This leaves me with random slots of time throughout the day to waste on Facebook.

Liam is now running, a funny, bobbing little trot. He’s also talking up a storm, and even if some of the words are his very own, at least he uses them consistently. “dadaDEE go daDA e daDOO” is something about Granddaddy’s airplane and how it is somewhat like a helicopter. He is also more intelligible; when the Husbandlet came home yesterday, Liam said, “Daddy’s home.”

Ngaire has a new inclination towards nudity, which means having to dress her many, many times throughout the day. However, she is also getting better about dressing herself, so sometimes it just means having to make her put her clothes back on. This is actually more difficult than dressing her. Ah well. It does give me a taste, though, of that day when all three or four of my kidlets will be self-maintenance.

We’ve been reading a book about elephants painting, which contains the delightful line, “If an elephant throws the brush away or eats it, he probably won’t become an artist.” Ngaire hovered around me while I was making breakfast this morning, telling me stories about zebras and giraffes (Marty and Melman from Madagascar) which basically involved replacing “an elephant” in that sentence with “Marty” or “Melman.” Then, at breakfast, Liam threw his fork on the floor. Without missing a beat, Ngaire said, “When Marty gets his fork or drops it, he doesn’t want to eat food.”


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  • 1. Sarah&hellip  | 

    we can help pack when we come if you would like

  • 2. Valerie&hellip  | 

    Kevin and I were just talking today how we could convert our garage into an apartment (we even have steps up to the “attic” in there now that would make a nice big bedroom.) Want to move in for a couple months? 🙂

  • 3. Becky&hellip  | 

    I seriously thought that the last part about elephants eating paint brushes would end with a comment from Ngaire saying something about Liam eating his fork or not becoming an artist. Ah well. 😉 Great post! We’ll continue to pray for all those areas of your life that make up…your life. 😀 Talk soon dear friend.


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