36.5 weeks: with a picture!

April 11, 2009 Jordana

Well, the end is in sight, which is a good thing, because I have been Crank-Ee the last few days. Also, there have been lots of mild contractions, accompanied by a total frenzy to get started packing, the wake of which has left our house dotted with diaper boxes filled with books. The Husbandlet keeps saying things to the effect of, “We don’t know when we’re moving and packing won’t take long; there’s plenty of time!” To which I keep replying, “But we DO know that there will be another small person about in the not-too-distant future, after which I will want to do no packing at all!”

I have also been feeling ruthless toward Stuff. This has meant lots of thrift-store dropoffs. My mom suggested that we keep one cute but large toy today, and was met with total callousness. It’s amazing to me just how much we have that we really don’t need; I am only grateful that we moved a year and a half ago, and so the backlog of unnecessaries is probably less than it could have been.

No job offers to report, though the Husbandlet has had a couple of phone interviews for post-docs and expects a couple more, and has applied for a long-term research position in Alaska that sounds intriguing (among many, many applications).

Liam’s vocabulary has exploded again … he has progressed from hollering, “Walk! Walk!” when he wants down from his high chair, to “All done meat! All done juice! Get down! WALK!” etc. He requests foods and songs by name, identifies objects (“Daddy computer!”), says farewells (“Bye-bye, Daddy!”) … so much talking. When he wakes up from his nap, he always wants to drink his cup of rice milk while snuggling with Mommy under a blanket (this should be interesting in midsummer), and saying lovingly, “Mommy, Mommy.” I’m so used to him being a little guy that it’s rather a shocker to find that he’s suddenly added a few inches.

[Daddy is here taking over the computer for a second while Mommy is helping Ngaire empty her bowels, because he has a cute Ngaire story. Daddy and Ngaire were out on a walk together this week and had just finished going over our church’s memory scripture for the year, Isaiah 40:28-31. Daddy was doing a little exegesis to make sure his little sprog had some understanding of what she was memorizing. Towards the end, he was summing up thusly: “So, if God is big and strong and never gets tired, and we are people who run out of strength, who can we rely on when we get tired?”

Ngaire’s response: “Pillows.”

To be perfectly honest I’m not sure that she knows what ‘rely’ means and I think she was confusing it with ‘lie,’ but it’s still pretty cute. Uh oh. Wife coming back. Think she’ll notice? Shhhhh.]

Something seems a bit different about this post …

Pregnancy update? At the 36-week appointment, I had gained around 30 pounds from the start of pregnancy, which is ASTOUNDING if you know my track record of pregnancy weight gain (lots, as in, I blow up like an overfed hippo). I can still wear my wedding ring … had to take it off in Africa due to heat swelling, but our neck of the woods has been chilly of late. So, go me, I guess. Oh, you wanted to know about the baby? Head down, feet in my ribs. I was about a centimeter dilated, so all those contractions have been doing something. Based on that info, we decided that travel over the next few weeks should be limited to not-very-far-from-the-hospital.

The OB/GYN who examined me was a cute little, snazzily-dressed, 16-weeks-pregnant-with-twins = TINY bump, blond woman. Made me wish that I had at least taken a shower that day, let alone shaved my legs/worn something other than an old T-shirt. It’s odd, but as much as some woman are uncomfortable with male doctors, I’m actually more relaxed with them, because my experience with men (OK, with the Husbandlet) has convinced me that most men just don’t notice stuff like patients’ prickly legs. Especially men who have made a career out of looking in a totally non-excited way at ladies’ special bits.

I think it’s time for a picture (taken at 36 weeks 1 day):


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