OH my goodness

April 29, 2009 Jordana

On Sunday, Liam learned how to climb out of Pack’n’Plays.

On Monday morning, he demonstrated that he can also climb out of his crib.

Today, I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, after which I usually go get the kids up, when the kids’ door popped open, and there was Liam, doing his cutest Remy the Rat hand-clasping impression and smiling at me proudly.

Which means that not only am I going to have a newborn in two weeks or less (39 weeks today, people!), but I am also the proud possessor of an almost 22-month-old who can get out of bed and then let himself out of his room at will.

The Husbandlet is under orders not to come home tonight unless he brings something to attach our new crib tent to Liam’s crib, or, barring that, something to attach LIAM to his crib. Not that we actually think such a thing has been invented.


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  • 1. Loren Eaton&hellip  | 

    Might I suggest a padlock and chain? I hear they work wonders.

    (Clara’s just passed 22 weeks, by the way.)

  • 2. Jordana&hellip  | 

    Congrats, Loren and Clara and peanut!

    I must say, the padlock and chain (also the ball and chain) have occurred to us, but we suspect that he would find a way to outsmart them rapidly and the proceed smoothly into using them for some Unintended Purpose.

  • 3. Becky&hellip  | 

    I have a friend who puts a doorknob grippy thing on the *inside* of their kids’ bedroom to make sure they stay in. I’m not so hot on that idea for safety reason…but it’s an option. Also, I have a friend who had a crib tent for their boy and it worked…for a while. šŸ˜€ If he has good command of the English language (standing still long enough to hear what you say) you could bribe him! šŸ˜€ Who knows. Praying for you! This too shall pass!

  • 4. Mary&hellip  | 

    My comment was going to be “Oh my GOODNESS!” And then I saw that it was the title of your post. Wow. Just, wow. You lead a very exciting life. I am a bit apprehensive about 2nd children, but *I* am a 2nd child and the very model of good behavior. šŸ™‚

    Congratulations to you and Clara, Loren. That is terrific news!

  • 5. nate&hellip  | 

    I could talk to Liam for you. Before you accept, be warned that it might end up going about as well as the time I told him not to climb on the kitchen table šŸ™‚

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