The Rhiannon Report, week almost 5, and other matters

June 3, 2009 Jordana

So, how are things going, you ask?

Rhiannon alternates between good days (happy baby, but sometimes doesn’t want to be set down for naps and goes through multiple wakings and squawkings and re-rockings before consenting to do so) and amazing days (goes to sleep ALL BY HERSELF and sleeps for three hours). She is oh so sweet, and I am reminded of my thoughts in Liam’s infancy, that if all my babies could be like him I would be tempted to have a dozen. (Of course, if all my almost-two-year-olds were like him, I would get prematurely gray. Either that, or even more inured to the shock of finding my toddler hanging out on windowsills three and a half feet above the floor.) Anyway, my main issue with baby Rhiannon (or Babee Non-nin, as Liam calls her) is that I don’t get the hours of gazing on her in adoration that I had with Ngaire … but I do get the accompanying guilt (“My poor ignored little third-born!”), especially after multiple trips upstairs to re-rock her, when my thoughts go more toward wishing she would just conk out already, rather than adoration.

We’re co-sleeping at night, and Rhiannon sleeps really well … generally she wakes up once or twice for a quick nurse, but there have been a couple nights where she hasn’t woken up at all, or only so briefly that she hasn’t wanted to be fed. Her one trouble spot is in the evenings, when she never wants to sleep by herself; because I’m a quick learner (it’s only taken me three children!), I’ve decided to just accept this fact and set aside time in the evenings to hold her so she can get some rest. Of course, this is very difficult for me, as it necessitates sitting still, snuggling my baby, and reading a book while the Husbandlet chases Ngaire and Liam.

Between rainy days (or wet outside after rainy nights) and my attempts to get Rhiannon good naps, we haven’t had nearly the wild whirl of social engagements and playground and library visits of our pre-Rhiannon days. Sometimes, I just take Ngaire and Liam outside our house to dash around on the sidewalk and climb some nearby steps (or scale the accompanying handrail). We’ve rediscovered a walk from our house to the library and the playground behind the library, which is good for everybody because Rhiannon gets a long sleep in the sling while we walk and play. I’m trying to keep the Electronic Babysitter to a minimum, though sometimes I wind up letting the kids watch half an hour of TV in the morning and then another half hour later in the day … mostly when I need to nurse the baby right before we head out the door (prime Liam mischief time) or when I’m trying to get dinner heated up or just need a few minutes off later on. (We did, to give us credit, make it to the zoo this past Saturday, where we met one of my oldest-in-the-sense-of-longest-term friends and her husband and new baby, who shares Rhiannon’s middle name. A good time was had by all.)

As Ngaire approaches her fourth birthday, her sleep schedule appears to be going through a change. She can no longer fall asleep at noon, and she seems to need a shorter nap. So I’ve been keeping her up till 1:30 and waking her at 2:30, hoping that she’ll go to sleep more easily both then (it’s working!) and at bedtime (jury is still out, but we’re only on Day 3 of the experiment). Liam is almost two, and now seems ready for a slightly later bedtime (7 p.m.) and a longer daytime nap (12:00 to 2:00). I realize this must be dull reading for even my most die-hard fans, but I’m mostly recording it for myself, so that two years from now, when Liam and Rhiannon are doing the same thing, I’ll be able to check my records, as it were.

Anyway, the main point of all that is that I now have a lot less time to myself. I read the baby advice books (“Sleep when your baby is sleeping!”). I scoff. Mockingly.

The kids are cute! Liam ends most words with a squeak up the scale, and if Ngaire asks for, say, Cheerios, he will say, “Cheerios too!” We’ve been going to our neighborhood pool most evenings, and Liam has yet to work up the courage (or sustain the body heat) to go in the water for very long, but he has a blast splashing in the baby pool and dipping his feet in the water of the big pool.

I’ve introduced Ngaire to Go Fish; we now fill the time between Liam’s naptime and hers with art time for her and a mean game of cards, as well as some snuggle time with books. She is practically swimming now, albeit in a floaty suit … but the paddling! It is amazing! She can paddle the length of the pool. Watching her and Liam, I am so thankful that I chose to reproduce with the Husbandlet, because left to only my genetic input, my children would shun any activity more strenuous than reaching for another book.

I absolutely cannot believe that my baby is almost five weeks old, except that she seems so enormous. She has stretched and plumped up, and is so alert. (She is a cute little Lert.) Already I feel nostalgic for her newborn-ness.

Liam threw up at breakfast today and had a rather runny diaper shortly thereafter, and is quite droopy and clingy, so I’m gearing up for … whatever. We’ve already had one tummy bug in the family since Rhiannon’s birth, and hopefully this one will come and go swiftly, not leaving too much destruction in its wake. The last one felled the Husbandlet, on Mother’s Day, no less.

Speaking of the Husbandlet, guess who had a job interview yesterday that went quite well? We should hear back about this one next week. Yay!

P.S. Liam requested a tortilla for lunch, and I asked Ngaire to put it on his tray. He said, “Thank you, Ngaire, for the tortilla.” I was just about to translate, when Ngaire replied, “You’re welcome, Liam.” It’s fun that she understands him … sometimes, she understands him better than I do, and corrects me or puts an end to my confusion by explaining what he’s saying.


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  • 1. Papaya Mommy&hellip  | 

    Any news yet??? We’re eagerly awaiting news of where you guys will be next year. We’ve heard rumors of possible Northwest…

    I always thought “sleep while your baby is sleeping” was advice written by somebody who had no idea what they were talking about – even when there was only one child!

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