And Liam TWO!

July 15, 2009 Jordana


Liam turned two on July 5, and of course it’s taken me until now to get his birthday post written.

On Monday, Ngaire started her first Vacation Bible School. The littler ones and I took her to the initial meeting in the church’s gym, then followed her to her classroom to make sure all was well (it was). Then I took Liam and Rhiannon outside to the church’s playground to make up (to Liam, at least) for the extended stroller time.

Their playground had not only a pole and a twirly slide, but a tall, twirly tunnel slide, AND a bouncy airplane on a giant spring.

Liam did his mischievous, exaggerated creep into the middle of the playground, where he stood, shouting, “Pole! Slide! SLIDE! AIRPLANE!” over and over. He was beside himself with ecstasy. He couldn’t even decide what to play on first. Eventually, he went for the plane, then tried to tear himself away, but kept getting off, walking toward the slides, and then running back to the plane. After awhile, he tried out the twirly slide. Then he clambered all the way up the stairs to the tunnel slide, came whooshing out the bottom with his hair on end with static and a huge grin on his face, and after that, it was a big loop: up the ladder, up the stairs, down the slide, repeat.

He has a new game, called “Mommy Down!” It involves climbing to the highest point of an arched ladder, letting himself down till he’s holding on by his armpits and elbows, then calling piteously, “Mommy Down!” When I go to help him, he pulls himself back up and finishes climbing. So I’ve stopped going to him, which, believe me, gets me some dirty looks from other mothers. Methinks he does this on purpose.

His new word is “Okay,” and he uses it appropriately. As in,

Husbandlet: “Liam, do you want a vitamin?”
Liam: “Vitamin! Vitamin too! Okay!”

At night, after I zip up his crib tent, I say, “Where’s Mommy’s kiss?” and he lifts up his little face to kiss me through the mesh. One night I forgot to do this, and a few minutes after I left the room, his cries of “Kiss! Kiss!” rang through the house.

Ever since I weaned him, Liam has had a fascination with my belly. He will come up to me and say, “Beep?” and then proceed to lift my shirt, pull down the waistband of my pants, set the palm of his hand against my stomach, stick his two sucking fingers in his mouth, and relax for a few minutes. This is just One Of Those Things, as far as I’m concerned, and only becomes awkward when he wants to expose large portions of my vast, wobbly postpartum belly in public.

He has suddenly become rather picky about food. Some days, he seems to survive on animal crackers and fruit leather. This has led me to pick up some kinda-sorta healthier snacks at Trader Joe’s, snacks with the word “veggie” in their titles (even if, upon inspection of the ingredients list, one discovers that the “veggies” are limited to tomato and spinach powder). I’m beginning to wonder if he may have some food allergies that we haven’t pinpointed yet, because the little guy seems to get diarrhea an awful lot. So we’ll be visiting an allergist on Thursday, which I’m sure Liam will adore.

He really is just the sweetest, happiest, lovingest little boy. I’m so thrilled to be his mommy, to have this special relationship with a little guy who can light up anyone’s day just by walking up and turning on the full force of his smile. I love you, my little Stinker Pinker!


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  • 1. Loren Eaton&hellip  | 

    I totally see the Husbandlet in that picture.

  • 2. Jenny&hellip  | 

    Happy birthday to the little guy!

    And, oh my, the belly thing. Doodles had the belly thing. He would yank my shirt up and play with my belly button. I finally weaned him off my belly button and onto his own… something I’m seriously regretting now, as the boy turns six in a month and we can’t get him to stop picking his belly button. I wouldn’t mind if he could do it discretely (say under his shirt or over his shirt), but he yanks his shirt all the way up to do so (with his finger in his mouth). So if you decide to transfer him to something else, make sure it’s something you could potentially live with for a while. 🙂

  • 3. Mary&hellip  | 

    Wow, he has really grown up. Kids these days! Enough with the growing up already.

  • 4. Becky&hellip  | 

    I agree with Mary…no more growing up. It’s not allowed anymore…not even sure it ever was. Poo. 😀

    Love you guys!

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