A Big Blog Update (I will try to post more frequently from now on!)

August 24, 2009 Jordana

Well, we made it to the Frozen North, and holy cow, is it beautiful here. We arrived last Tuesday after a 17-hour trip that included three plane-switchings and the excitement of almost missing our connecting flight in Chicago and the creativity involved in trying to eat a Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken salad on a plane without a fork. We brought Liam’s carseat on the planes with us, and that was one of the best decisions we have ever made … instead of writhing, wiggling, and fleeing up and down the aisles, Liam sat quietly (well, mostly) in his seat, sucked his fingers, and slept on every flight but one. Indeed, all three of the children were positively angelic in their behavior. The Husbandlet and I behaved pretty well, too.

We arrived in our new town and were met at the airport by a nice man from the Husbandlet’s new work, but none of our luggage. (It arrived seven hours later.) He introduced us to our new SUV, a blue Dodge Durango whom we have christened Persephone because of the number of months during the year that will be cold and dark here. Persephone took us to our new house, which is very big and currently excessively empty. It had also not been cleaned by the seller … I mean, it wasn’t that they hadn’t cleaned well, it was that they hadn’t cleaned at all. There were meat juices in the fridge, dog hair in the freezer, Kibble on the floor, hairs in the sinks, thick dust on every surface … Jordana became very meepish. (She also started referring to herself in the third person, an odd side effect.) Though I wasn’t sure about the etiquette of it, the sheer ickiness of the house and the dauntingness of cleaning it after two weeks of nonstop cleaning and packing at our old abode led me to contact our realtor and ask her to negotiate some cleaning assistance from the seller. The seller obligingly sent over her 18-year-old, and between the two of us, we knocked out the main level of the house and I made a start on the upstairs. I haven’t begun on the lower level (not really a basement; the house is built on a hill), but we have no reason to go down there as yet, anyway.

The scenery is absolutely glorious here … the Husbandlet arranged to start work August 31, so he has a couple of weeks off as we settle in, and we’ve spent a lot of the time taking long walks and picking salmonberries and blueberries in quiet, mossy woods that overlook the bay. I think it’s the combination of a big house and a magical out-of-doors that must account for the fact that the kidlets don’t seem to be having any angst during their adjustment to a new place. Liam woke up crying during the first two nights … but he woke up at 2 a.m., which would be his normal 6 a.m. wakeup time back on the East Coast. Once he started sleeping through the night here, Ngaire began having night terrors, waking up screaming and asking for a snuggle once a night. Rhiannon (who, let it be noted as I’m unlikely to get to the gleeful post it deserves, is now rolling back to front and front to back, and has also started laughing) has had a couple of 12-hour-sleeping nights, and a couple of wake-up-a-zillion-times nights, so who knows.

Coming soon: The drama of our moving company. Until then, pictures!




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  • 1. Mary&hellip  | 

    I squeal with delight! Not at the woes of course. Hugs!

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