It’s been raining. A lot.

September 17, 2009 Jordana

Apparently, there is a reason for all the lush greenery of our new home. And if you don’t jump at every break in the rain to go outside, you might miss your chance for the next few weeks.

The Husbandlet and I had a very witty conversation yesterday morning, and I was all, “I have to blog this!” But now, I can’t remember it at all. It was witty, though! You would have been proud to know us!

Rhiannon won’t take a pacifier and isn’t terribly interested in giving her fingers more than a cursory mouthing. But! She LOVES cloth. It doesn’t even have to be in her mouth; if she can feel the soft fuzziness of cloth against her lips, she will smack happily at it, even in her sleep. Once in a while, she really scores, by figuring out how to get a handful of cloth into her mouth, and then there is bliss indeed.

Ngaire had another abdominal migraine episode on Sunday night. I kept her home from preschool just in case it was actually a stomach virus, but by about 8:30 that morning, she was fit as a fiddle and saying, “I feel all better. Now can I go to preschool?” Alas for her, not only did she have to take Monday off, her teacher is at a conference far, far away over Thursday and Friday, so she only got two days of school this week.

I used the four-wheel drive on our SUV, Persephone, for the first time today. “Roar,” said Persephone, and we totally conquered a big pile of torn-up dirt road, much to the delight of the kidlets in the back seat.

Speaking of the kidlets when they are in the back seat, we have discovered a new Sandra Boynton CD. I have to say that “Speed Turtle” is one of the Best Songs Ever, especially as it’s sung by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. I’ve always liked their sound. Ngaire likes “Singing in the Shower,” and Liam is especially fond of the Gorilla song (which is mostly just a lot of repetitions of “Banana”).

Due to a conveniently timed (for us) federal investigation into our moving company, it looks like we may be getting our belongings … they may not arrive for another month or so, but hey, at least they’re on their way.

Boy, I wish I could remember what that witty conversation was.


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  • 1. Genevieve Raines (Dobbins&hellip  | 

    congratulations on the federal investigation…. I hope it helps!

    sadly I usually think to blog about my witty conversations with Theo (yes, my 2-year-old is ever so much more clever and interesting than I am. Especially as he makes an effort to enunciate.) and then forget and spend days trying to remember…

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