A drippy post

October 19, 2009 Jordana

Yesterday and again today, I have exited my house only to have a small rainstorm open up on top of me, which disappears a few moments later (right after I’ve canceled all plans to go outside, because it’s raining). This makes me wonder whether I’ve managed to mildly annoy some minor rain deity.

Also, yesterday, I was changing Liam’s diaper, and he peed and hit himself in the eye.


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  • 1. Granddaddy&hellip  | 

    I know some reasonably-priced practitioners in Botswana who’d be willing to have a go at your problems, (maybe even accepting rhubarb as payment) though usually they’re trying to produce rain, not hold it back.

    If you were a Motswana who wasn’t a Christian, your rain experience would not be a joke at all. It would have you looking over you shoulder and be keeping you awake at night. Also people would be inviting you over to stand in their fields for long periods.

  • 2. Becky&hellip  | 

    Welcome to weather in the NW! 😀 We get that all the time…ALL…THE…TIME. Just get the kids some rain boots, rain jackets, rain hats, thick socks, and go puddle stomping! Did I mention that you and Chris need the same apparel? It makes for an amazing fashion statement…but it helps the kids sleep like well…kids. 😀 Totally worth it! Knowing you though, you probably are all set on the NW attire? Do you guys consider yourselves NW or just N?


    Love you.

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