November 4, 2009 Jordana

You guessed it. Ngaire has swine flu.

At least, we’re pretty sure that’s what it is. She shows all the signs (fever, coughing and sneezing, lethargy and poor appetite), and the regular seasonal flu has yet to infiltrate our sector of the Frozen North. My kidlets are always at their sweetest when they’re sick, and we’ve passed an enjoyable (rainy) day reading books, watching movies, and drinking lots of fluids. It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of us succumb … we could be in for a lot of sick days.

It’s NaNoWriMo, and after years of kinda-sorta wanting to give it a try but not being willing to make the commitment, I’m going to give it a shot, though I’m only aiming for 500 words a day. 1,000 seems a bit daunting. The Husbandlet has been joining me in nightly writing sessions. We feel very virtuous and productive.

Now I must away, as the little bitty one is mewling.


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  • 1. Loren Eaton&hellip  | 

    So are we going to get to read the fruits of your NaNoWriMo endeavors?

  • 2. Jordana&hellip  | 

    I’ll let you know when I get the lucrative book deal. 🙂

  • 3. Loren Eaton&hellip  | 

    I will demand — demand, I tell you! — autographed copies. Plural.

  • 4. Genevieve Raines (Dobbins&hellip  | 

    what sort of novel are you working on? and is it just this month (to be picked up again next November)?

    Turns out that Bryan and Theo are both big snugglers when down with the flu. Bryan in complete delirium kept hugging me closer and reassuring me how much he loves me (every few seconds) as did Theo with the addition of “You are a good mama. Not bad. Good.”

    It’s nice to have affirmations, particularly when they are accompanied by the sweats, chills, and occasional heat-induced vomiting. And of course, endless cuddles.

  • 5. That Other Jordana&hellip  | 

    Sorry Ngaire is sick. 😦 But it does tend to make them more cuddly.

  • 6. Jordana&hellip  | 

    Loren, as many as you want, when I’m a rich and famous author. Or else I’ll send along a pile of self-published rock-bottom remainders.

    Vieve, that’s adorable. This is a story about a girl who somewhat mistakenly ends up in an English Ph.D. program, and I’ve been working on it (well, sporadically) for years. Hopefully, I’ll make some headway on it this month …

    Jordana, alas, Day 2 was far less pleasantly snuggly (the snuggles were demanded with whines, and punctuated by mini-tantrums). Does crankiness mean she’s getting better?

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