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December 12, 2009 Jordana

We went out for a walk this morning. We brought along the Husbandlet’s .22 for bunny-hunting purposes, sufficient child-carrying gear, and lots of warm clothes (27 degrees and icy). We forgot water.

For some reason, the kidlets were all in their just-about worst moods. Ngaire whined and whimpered, Rhiannon grumbled and skipped her nap, and Liam screamed in his child-carrying backpack for a good part of the way out and the whole way back to the SUV. The Husbandlet and Ngaire did blow away a few chunks of ice, but between the loud tromping and the whining, grumbling, and screaming, I guess it’s not surprising that we saw no bunnies.

When, with sighs of relief, we pulled into our driveway, the Husbandlet turned to Ngaire and asked cheerily, “So, Ngaire, what was your favorite part of our walk this morning?”

Ngaire said, “I just liked the part where we got back to our car.”

Here are some images from our walk:

Ngaire in happier times (i.e., before we actually started walking).

Rhiannon and Mommy, overhead view.

It was a really pretty day.

Frost on the grass.

Liam looks suspicious. And well he might.

Turning her into a real Frozen Northern girl.

Note the several-inches-thick layer of ice on the road.



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  • 1. Genevieve Raines (Dobbins&hellip  | 

    okay, so the journey with the kidlets sounded horrible, but the pictures are amazing. I’m sitting here in the suburbs with 1 and a half kids and I can’t quite imagine living the adventure that you are experiencing in the Frozen North. I am very proud of you, Jordana, for jumping into all that with kidlets in tow. and a gun apparently…

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