Not quite such a good day

February 12, 2010 Jordana

Liam has had the Runny Poops of Horror for a few days now, but I thought nothing of it (it’s still pretty much par for the course for him, since his fun time with salmonella last year) until yesterday morning, when he slept in (!), got up only to lie on the floor floppily (?), and then reclined on the couch for the entire duration of Cars (there is no punctuation mark to describe this). The poop, too, was all, “Oh, you think you can handle this? I will totally step it up a notch, grossness-wise!”

Then, at some point last night, Ngaire came to our bed saying she felt sick with a “bumpy tummy.” The Husbandlet took her to the bathroom, but nothing transpired, so he put her back to bed. At 5:00 a.m., she was back, having just thrown up in her bed. I am proud to say she made it to the bathroom on subsequent occasions.

Fortunately, the Husbandlet had taken Ngaire to pick out a DVD last night (a prize for meeting her reading requirement last month). I very much hope the back-to-back watching of a Tinker Bell movie somehow made up for the fact that Ngaire had to miss her preschool Valentine’s Day party today … she had been so excited about it, and yesterday we made special cookies for her to give out with her Valentines, as per her very specific request.

Anyway, as of now, everyone seems to be OK. I am thankful that the kids are feeling better, though it does make containing them a touch more difficult. It’s raining today, so going outside to burn off steam is not an option.

Here’s hoping we’ve seen the last of this virus … the Husbandlet and I have a date night planned for tomorrow, which I would be loathe to miss. It’s our first date since we moved here, people. Good thing taking care of sick kidlets together gives the Husbandlet and me the hots for each other; there’s been no dearth of that particular activity over the past six months.

P.S. Jordana’s Illness of the Week: Just got over another round of pink eye; now I’ve got an ear infection. Tra la!


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  • 1. Sarah&hellip  | 

    Do you think you keep getting sick because there are viruses up there that you haven’t been exposed to or what?

  • 2. Jordana&hellip  | 

    Yeah, a lot of people told us to pretty much expect to be sick for our first year here … there are lots of people moving here from all over the world, and lots of people living here who go to exotic places for vacations, so I guess we just get a huge influx of diseases. It’s crazy, though; I’ve never been so sick in my life.

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