I say “toMAYto”

March 16, 2010 Jordana

but Liam now, thanks to the Husbandlet’s influence, says “toMAHto.” Which is just about too cute when I ask him if he wants a piece of “toMAYto bread” and he pauses thoughtfully, then says, “No, I just want some more toMAHto bread.”

Also? Lately, when I get him up from his rest time (during which he pretty much no longer naps, alas and woe), he says, “Mommy! I wake up evermore!” (I think his influences are this and this.)

* * *

Ngaire spotted a car radio antenna topper thingy (technical term) emblazoned with the pawprint of the local high school’s mascot today, and hollered, “A clue! A clue!”

* * *

Rhiannon is now exclusively breastfed again. This is due to two back-to-back stomach viruses for the poor little Bat. The girl will now have nothing to do with solid food; she even rejected strawberry yogurt the other day.

* * *

We’ve had some lovely snow lately, and I’m proud to say that I got my act together and the kids and myself outside to enjoy it. We’ve also been hanging out at the town pool a lot, because with all that snow? comes some pretty dang cold temperatures.

* * *

I’ve been baking a ton, and have even started making tortillas on a regular-ish basis. Between the constant illnesses and the calories that Rhiannon is constantly sucking out of my body (see above re: my 10-month-old and her exclusive breastfeeding), I can’t convince myself that it actually matters whether I eat half a chocolate cake at a time or not. Even with the more frequent wearing of the dreaded bathing suit.

* * *

Illness update:

Rhiannon: Stomach virus (another one), cold..
Liam: Cold, conjunctivitis.
Ngaire: Cold, conjunctivitis, ear infection.
The Husbandlet: Cold, stomach virus x two.
Me: Cold, stomach virus.

If we survive, we will have immune systems of steel.


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  • 1. Loren Eaton&hellip  | 

    We just started with the solid foods. The little guy, we learned, is not a fan of mashed avacado.

  • 2. Jordana&hellip  | 

    Ngaire, I recall, would only eat mashed avocado if it was mixed with salsa. This gave me a great sense of Baby Superiority at the time, before I tripped on my pride and landed face-first in Toddler Pickiness.

  • 3. kim&hellip  | 

    O you sound so calm for that amount of illness. I hope spring and good wellness comes soon!!

  • 4. Genevieve Raines (Dobbins&hellip  | 

    theo also gets very excited about clues. He also has a notebook that he draws them down in. though that may be equally related to this one backyardigans episode….

    They has also been singing this song for a few months now that goes “The greatest singing animals of the world. Run Away. The Yak, the Pig, and the Dancing Bear!!!!” Now, it seems like an animaniacs thing to me, but he’s never seen it, so I’m guess veggie tales? Which made me think that YOU might know…. Any clue? (pun intended)

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