Officially overcommitted, plus Bonus! Rhiannon turns one

May 19, 2010 Jordana

After several years of saying “no” a lot (but mostly just not being asked), all of a sudden, I find that I’ve volunteered for A Whole Bunch of Stuff. Witness:

* Helping the nursery coordinator at church. (Mostly involves being a backup in case a nursery worker doesn’t show up, and occasionally helping clean the nursery.)
* Odd jobs at this summer’s Vacation Bible School.
* Working as a tutor in the Learning Center at the local community college two afternoons a week during the summer session.
* Coordinator for local chapter of Mothers of Preschoolers, starting really soon (my predecessor is moving in a few weeks, and will soon hand off the Notebook of Wisdom and all the passwords to me).
* Teaching two community college classes in the fall.
* Tentatively homeschool-preschooling Liam with a friend of mine and her little boy. (I may redefine this as “occasionally getting together to play and maybe sing the Alphabet Song.”)
* Possibly tutoring/homeschooling a high school girl for her English class.
* Co-leading (with the Husbandlet) a post-high school group for our church one night a week.
* Ngaire’s school requires parents to contribute service hours. I’m hoping to get ours covered in the fall by helping out with their big fundraiser auction deal, but maybe I can talk the Husbandlet into doing a few sciencey talks at the school instead.
* Running twice a week with a friend.

Am I crazy? I’m crazy, right?

In the meantime, things have picked up around here, what with the Husbandlet being gone for three weeks for dive training, and my parents living with us, and the end of Ngaire’s school year upon us. That last bit is … whew. Tidepooling! Preschool graduation (for which I am making kid-friendly finger food … in the form of chicken nuggets)! Cupcakes to celebrate Ngaire’s birthday, since it falls in July!

Oh, and Rhiannon had a birthday and I feel SO bad that I haven’t gotten around to her first birthday post. She is an amazing and sweet baby and really deserves better. On the other hand, a one-year-old Rhiannon is apparently much more interested in Getting Into Stuff than an eleven-month-old Rhiannon, so I’ve had just that much less energy/time to give her that write-up. Seriously? Why is the toilet brush so much more interesting to a twelve-month-old than to an eleven-month-old? It’s not like she’s MORE mobile.

She looked at me the other day like a light bulb had just gone on and she had an important pronouncement to make, and said, “Ma! Ma-ma!” She and Ngaire love to say, “Yeah!” back and forth to each other. I asked her to say, “Mama” today, and she looked at me with a somewhat mischievous smile and said, “Dadadadada.” Coincidence?

Today, Rhiannon had her first experience of crawling on grass. At first, she wasn’t sure what to make of it, and didn’t want to put her hand down, but pretty soon she was all over the place, pulling up dandelions, shredding moss, trying to eat gravel, asking to be walked around (her balance is a little wobbly, but if you hold both her hands, she will pick her direction quite determinedly).

Her big siblings adore her, though Liam has this disturbing tendency to try to “ride the Rhiannon horse.” Strangely, she tends to collapse under his weight and wail piteously. Liam fed her once when she pulled up on his booster seat while he was eating, and ever since, if I don’t feed her fast enough, she’ll crawl over to him and beg for food. Ngaire loves to kiss her and say, “What a cute, plump baby!” Ngaire also likes to carry Rhiannon around, dangling like a cat by the armpits.

Rhiannon is cute, sweet, loving, good-natured, and patient, and has the best nose-wrinkling smile ever. I am not sure I’m totally OK with the fact that she’s one already.


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  • 1. homeschool preschool&hellip  | 

    entertaining post 🙂 .. yes, you’re crazy! haha, just kidding 😉

  • 2. ktw123&hellip  | 

    WOW…and I thought I was busy! Here’s to finding a mment of peace in the lovely chaos of family!!

  • 3. Karen Hodges&hellip  | 

    Hi Jordana,

    We met once at your parents’s house in California. Your mom and I were close friends in college and I’d like to get in touch with her but don’t have a current address. Could you ask her to write me at 2641 Palm Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205? Thanks!
    P.S. Enjoyed photos of your lovely family.

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