Unwritten birthday posts are weighing me down

July 25, 2010 Jordana

So instead I will give you a short update and end with some of Ngaire’s cuteness.

The Husbandlet left yesterday for an OPEN-ENDED STAY on the Big Sea (relatively) nearby. It’ll be at least three weeks, but probably more. The last group of researchers weren’t able to finish their survey, because the boat broke down. So the Husbandlet’s group must do the last of that bit, as well as their own stuff. Alas.

However, the Husbandlet has decided to take this opportunity to grow a beard for the first time. I am curious to see what he will look like, and what the kidlets’ reactions will be. We are Frozen Northerners now, so it only makes sense that my wild man should have some facial hair. And I should quit cutting mine altogether and buy some orangey canvas overalls.

I have been working a couple days a week at the community college’s learning center, and then I decided it would be a good idea to sign Ngaire and Liam up for swim lessons starting 15 minutes after I get off work. Oh yeah. Brilliant. So this week will involve a lot of rushing about.

The Husbandlet and I are revisiting the fourth-child-or-no-fourth-child question, which has been occupying most of my brain time … that is, all brain time not currently dedicated to the question of how to survive without the aforementioned Husbandlet whilst getting the kidlets to swim lessons on time. So, I’m NOT currently pregnant (and am trying on the thought of never being so again) … though I do have some other exciting news that I can’t share yet, at least not officially.

Rhiannon is SO CUTE. And now she likes to sweep books off the shelves onto the floor and then head for the stairs while I’m picking them up. She laughs while she’s doing this. Methinks it is not uncalculated on her part, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, Liam turned three and then Ngaire turned five. We had a joint birthday party for them which was so much fun … I sewed mermaid tails for the little girl attendees (and one for Liam, though he surprised me by not wanting to wear it), crumpled up a lot of blue and green tissue paper to throw on the floor of the office, put a sign on the office door saying “Mermaid Lagoon,” put all the little girls in there, and shut the door. They frolicked happily for about an hour, and when they began to flag, an older brother arrived just in time to become the shark from whom they could flee, screaming. I had a car-making craft for the little boys, but they were happy enough just to play with toys while a couple of moms made the cars.

I will write up thoughts on my increasingly OLD children … one of these days.

Ngaire dictated a letter to her absent daddy this evening:

Dear Daddy,

I have been very sad that you have gone away. I would laugh when you had a beard. (giggles) And so really really hiccupy at the end of my laughing. And I would try this: (hands above head, one foot in the air). And as I saw you, Daddy, at the end of your journey, I would laugh when you had a beard. And I would snuggle with Daddy and hug him. And I am so happy to see you. But I would laugh when you had a beard.

I made a bed on the floor. As I hiccuped, I tried this (more arm and leg action). I miss going to preschool. And I really enjoy going in the pool. I like swimming but I don’t like throwing up. I like to drink water and eat food. I like to eat strawberry ice cream.

At the very bottom, at here, I would say, “I love you.”



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  • 1. Grandaddy&hellip  | 

    We think that you would look good in some orangey canvas overalls, and we hop that the little boys approved of the cars which their mommies crafted for them.

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