August 23, 2010 Jordana

My first baby is now a big kindergarten girl. And there is MUCH rejoicing.

Today, as we were on our way to drop her off at school:

Ngaire: “Liam? Liam?”
Liam (warily): “What, Ngaire?”
Ngaire: “I love you.”
Liam: “I love you, too.”
Ngaire: “Even when we are in the car and buckled into our carseats, I still love you.”

Incidentally, remember the hamster? Well, over the summer, we were supposed to hamster-sit. But, alas, right before this happy event, Buster the hamster crawled into his little tube, stuffed the ends with paper, and suffocated.

Fortunately, someone was able to get to a pet store in the Big City and acquire a similarly-colored replacement hamster in time for the start of school. Buster has now lost weight and length, and had a personality makeover (hostile to friendly).


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  • 1. Jenny&hellip  | 

    Oh my goodness! Your family is so beautiful! Much luck to Ngaire as a kindergartner!

  • 2. Jordana&hellip  | 

    Thanks. 🙂

  • 3. Mary&hellip  | 

    It is hard to say what I love most about this photo. The hardcore footwear, the hat, the “truck,” YOUR HAIR!, or the box of tissues. 🙂

  • 4. Jordana&hellip  | 

    Those boots are Bogs. I tried hard to stick to my thrift-store guns, but finally caved and accepted the fact that this place requires Real Boots. Everybody now has a pair except the Husbandlet (XtraTuffs, instead) and Rhiannon (Robeez). Oh, and the tissues were for Ngaire’s classroom, but Rhiannon decided they were Hers. The hat is genuine Alysia-made. My hair is long, Mary! It is almost as long as yours, though not as well-kempt.

  • 5. Mary&hellip  | 

    🙂 Your hair is actually longer than mine right now.

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