The downsides (as it were)

September 6, 2010 Jordana

The Husbandlet lately (and successfully) encouraged Liam to eat his carrot sticks by squeaking, “No, Liam, don’t eat me!” Liam would giggle and crunch the poor carrot.

However, two nights ago, this backfired on us. I held out a carrot stick to Liam and squeaked, “Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!” Liam smiled sweetly, said, “OK, carrot,” and gave it a kiss. Then he proceeded to talk softly to his carrot, offer it soup, and stroke it gently.

(He did end up eating most of his carrots; I’m not sure what this says about him one way or the other.)

* * *

Last night, we had friends (and one friend’s visiting and also childless sister) over for an impromptu barbecue. After watching us scurrying around putting the meal together, our guests settled happily around a crowded table. Then Ngaire stood up on her chair (between two guests), hitched up her skirt, and stuck her hand in her panties.

Me: “Ngaire! Sit down! Get your hand out of your pants! What are you doing?”
Ngaire (calmly): “I thought I might have pooped in my panties. But I just tooted.”

The wifely portion of our guests just about fell off her chair laughing. Her husband suggested recording the moment for posterity (or at least future boyfriends). One can only speculate about the childless one’s thoughts. But I suspect they may have involved permanent birth control.

* * *

I departed our sector of the Frozen North for the day on Friday. I attended a meeting at the Big University, ate at a crepes restaurant for lunch, and shopped. I walked in the sun and read in the airport. I drank an obscenely large mocha frappucino. I rented a car and drove on roads different from those I cover everyday (with signs that indicate the possibility of driving to OTHER towns, imagine!). And there was much, much rejoicing.

I did miss my little family, just a bit. But that was the only downside of that one.


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  • 1. Sarah&hellip  | 

    That was hilarious about Ngaire! I had to show that one to Chris!

  • 2. Yvonne&hellip  | 

    I clicked on this from Adrian’s blogspot. Your episode with Ngaire cracked me up! I’ll have to make sure that Jessie sees it. Thanks for giving me a good laugh.

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