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September 23, 2010 Jordana

Ngaire had her first-ever sleepover on Saturday. Her best friend Heidi’s parents were going on a hot hunting date, so they deposited her little brother elsewhere and Heidi with us. Ngaire and Heidi play beautifully together; despite having rather similar personalities, they never ever fight, and they keep each other entertained for hours on end.

Ngaire has several good friends now, in fact, but I think it came as a shock to her to learn in the course of conversation that Heidi has other friends as well. Heidi mentioned one of these friends, and Ngaire said, “But I’m your friend, Heidi!” I said, “Well, honey, you have other friends–remember (insert several names)?–and Heidi has other friends, too.”

Ngaire said, “Friends don’t let friends have friends.”

Anyway, the sleepover and related fun was such a success that Ngaire has announced her intention to lock Heidi’s parents in Wal-Mart (?) in order to keep Heidi forever.

* * *

Liam is very much into playing guitars these days. Pretty much anything strummable, he will strum. I made him a guitar by wrapping a rubber band around a board book. Lots of strumming has ensued.

* * *

Rhiannon is sweet and also feisty. She is in constant motion these days. She has a new favorite word: “No.” Aaaah! And today, she essayed, “Mine.”

She has dropped her morning nap, which means that she and Liam have a lot more time together. They are negotiating this pretty well, though, and this morning, they put themselves to bed together on the living room floor with their respective favorite blankets (“Geekies,” as Liam calls them).

* * *

Remember my ganglion cyst? Oh, probably not, and I don’t have the wherewithall to find any links … but I’ve got one! On my left wrist! And it’s been drained twice, two experiences that I liked a whole lot less than any given childbirth. This morning, I went for a pre-op visit with the local orthopedic surgeon (we’ve got one!), and next week, if the good Lord is willing, the creeks don’t rise, and the pre-op labwork doesn’t turn up anything complicating, I will get that cyst removed. It turns out that I will likely be unconscious for this procedure. I don’t really mind this. I was trying to psych myself up for watching the surgery, but if I did that, I don’t think a general anesthetic would even be necessary, as that would probably render me pretty effectively unconscious without the aid of drugs.

* * *

Oh, and teaching and stuff go well. I am tightly scheduled, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing, so that’s good. And the husband and kids don’t report any major neglect–at least, I haven’t been around to hear any complaints.


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