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September 29, 2010 Jordana

Last Thursday, I offered to nurse my Rhiannon right before bed, and she turned me down. Friday, I worked a lot of the day, and the issue of breastfeeding didn’t really come up when I was with her. Over the weekend, she yipped and yanked at the neck of my shirt a couple of times, but was easily distracted by various distractions and/or bottles. Today, she didn’t ask at all, even on a couple occasions when I was cradling her.

So, I guess my baby is weaned. 16.5 months old, she is.

Weaning fills me with a mixed bag of relief and melancholy. I’m content with the ages at which my babies have stopped breastfeeding (Ngaire: 13 months, Liam: 14 months), but it’s always a little sad to close the door on that part of babyhood with each child.

On the other hand, Rhiannon’s timing was quite convenient, as the drugs associated with my upcoming wrist surgery probably aren’t breastmilk-friendly.

Oh, what else is going on? The Husbandlet is Away at Meetings for a few days. After his three-week stint on the Big Sea, I can’t get too worked up when he’s only gone for a day or three. At work, I’ve added a late-starting class, so things will be getting a bit busier and more grading-intensive. Ngaire seems to have got over her rough start to kindergarten, aided in part by her teacher’s asking her to read to the class every morning. Liam is slightly less hostile to the babysitter and her daughter. Rhiannon has learned to climb onto the dining table.

You guys, is there any music I should be checking out? I was way into music right up until I got married … and somehow the combination of sharing a room (!) and the fact that the Husbandlet isn’t really into music … well, let’s just say I haven’t been keeping up. And I’m getting a tad tired of my old albums, but I don’t know where to start. I like most kinds of music, even opera, though NOT rap or metal. I have limited patience with R&B.

And books! Oh, the reading I am not doing! I did read The Red Queen recently, in an effort to Appreciate a Much-Lauded Modern Author, and … yeah. I pretty much agree with the review average on amazon.

The kidlets and I have been much enjoying Dahlia, though. Highly recommend.

Oh, and whilst I’m on the subject-ish, my parents and I watched Once last night. I am behind the times. But I did very much enjoy it … it was nice to see a movie that aimed for a good ending over (perhaps) a happy ending.

I am tired and rambly and not at all witty now! I will go to bed. Good night!


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  • 1. Loren Eaton&hellip  | 

    Music? Cool Hand Luke, the band not the film.

  • 2. Genevieve&hellip  | 

    music-wise, I was loving Vampire Weekend’s first album until THeo loved it into oblivion. So now 3 years later I am not such a fan, but I really was. There is some bad language though.
    I really enjoyed the soundtrack for the movie Juno. Snow Patrol is good. A friend just introduced me to “You wait so long” by Trampled by Turtles. Also like Yael Naim (embarrassingly enough, was introduced to her by an Apple commercial. Though I suppose if Bryan goes to work for them I can have some comfort in being a corporate sell-out). Paul Kelly is NOT recent, but I have recently fallen in love with his “from Little Things (big things grow).” The Be Good Tanyas are good too, particularly “Littlest Bird.” You might like Emiliana Torrini, “Sunnyroad.” Hmm, Kelly Jones “Full of Days,” I’m a big fan of the bluster and attitude of “Cake” but they’re not all that new, so you probably know them. Actually I am not all that with the new music, so I could refer you to my standards: Pixies (well, I’m not really sure if you would like them, they are a bit angry), Bjork, Ani Difranco, Rusted Root… Hey, if you haven’t given Norah Jones and Jack Johnson a try (separately, as in 2 separate singers) you should. For Christian music I like Telecast a lot. And the production company Putumayo has introduced me to a lot of good world music. but stay away from any of their “lounge” cds. Nothing else is popping off the top of my head, but Lu is asleep in arms, which means I should be too. Hey, when Iwas finding good music for labor, I downloaded Sibelius’ violin concerto and thought of you. and Mr Tang. They were odd thoughts and then I had to tell Bryan about Tangsticks. unfortunately, I didn’t get to used the music for labor. or maybe fortunately – those were strange times, my friend. But tell me what you think of some of this music. Good Night and God bless.

  • 3. Becky&hellip  | 

    Hey! So what I recommend for music is that you use PANDORA! Plug in an artist that you love and it will introduce you to all sorts of stuff! It really works at introducing you to new stuff if you enter a recently released artist’s name.

    How’s the wrist?

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