So much more once again major-ish update

March 10, 2011 Jordana

Poor, sad little neglected bloglet.

How thou hast been reduced to quick stories about my kids being cute, which are probably of interest only to me and maybe the grandparents.

The weather here has been frightful for the past couple of days. On Sunday, as our SUV squished out of the driveway, Liam said, “I see the garden, all white with ice.” This led to a discussion between the Husbandlet and myself about what kind of side job Liam should pursue to support his future poetry habit.

Remember Rhiannon’s geekie? In the church nursery, the nice nursery ladies put it on a shelf next to the container of nursery snacks. When I went to pick her up, one lady said, “Your daughter was hungry. She kept trying to climb that chair over there and asking for Cheerios! We gave them to her, but she kept saying, ‘Geekie, geekie.’” The poor girl never did get her blanket, but she ate every Cheerio they gave her and was totally uninterested in lunch.

Operation Potty Train Someone … doesn’t really go anywhere in particular. Liam and Rhiannon are both at approximately the same level of dryness, with Rhiannon somewhat pulling into the lead because she will actually ask to go to the potty. (Have I mentioned that Rhiannon has been self-potty-training for the past month or so?) Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies are working wonders for Liam’s inclination to poop in the potty, though.

Rhiannon calls all animals “puppy.”

I am working up to an anti-candida cleansing diet for myself and the kids, after which I plan to keep us gluten-free/casein-free for another six months, at least. There are a bunch of different reasons for this … Liam’s ongoing digestive stuff, while generally improved, is still not totally gone, and the info I’ve read on candida makes me wonder if there’s a connection because of his bout of salmonella and the hefty antibiotics he took to combat it. And Ngaire … has some characteristics of a candida or gluten issue, as well, though hers are more emotional and behavioral and less involving of poop. Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll embark on this adventure … partly I want to do it ASAP, and partly I think it might be easier to implement once school is out.

Ngaire has started reading to Rhiannon! So cute. And when Rhiannon had her latest illness (N.B.: We’ve been a ton healthier this year than last … right up until the past four weeks, when we’ve been sick sick sick), Ngaire lay on the couch with her and held her. Ngaire can get impatient with other kids, but she is always patient and sweet with Rhiannon. Rhiannon, in turn, absolutely adores her sister.

I am giving up Facebook and general Internet-surfing for Lent, along with sweets (and, if I go for the ASAP option for dietary changes, pretty much all other food). However, I am NOT giving up blogging—hard to give up something I don’t do all that much. So … maybe I will blog more?



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  • 1. Becky&hellip  | 

    Are you calling me a grandparent or just old? (I’m interested in your blog too! *sigh* But now, after reading your blog, and knowing what is going on in your life, I do feel much better!)

    Okay, so, just to let you know I’m still more than happy to help you with the gluten thing with recipes and such. Does Amazon still not deliver there? (If they don’t: LOOSERS!) We’ve figured out some pretty cool ways of seeming normalish about food (it’s a matter of opinion, I’m sure). So yeah, just give me a call or something. And, we’ve gone total vegetarian (vegan diet but not really caring too much about the animal cruelty part) due to some high cholesterol issues. Fun fun fun! Air is so yummy! 😀

    Love you Longlet people!

    • 2. Becky&hellip  | 

      And, to those grandparent people, you’re not old. 😀 *HUGS* *I just re-adjusted my foot in my mouth. It’s quite comfortable there, apparently.

  • 3. J&hellip  | 

    Yay Becky friend! Perhaps I should have said “and honorary aunties.” I think we will wait until after school ends to implement The Diet … at that point, you can be sure you’ll be hearing from me. Hugs!

  • 4. Grandaddy&hellip  | 

    “of interest only to me and grandparents, huh?” Even if so, believe me it’s worth it.
    I’ve given up computer games for lent, since a week before Ash Wed haven’t touched a game. Mom is speechless. I’m getting more done too.
    We’re sorry you’ve been sick, but very thankful that Ngaire is a good sister.
    Re: potty training. Since you’ve already started down the dark path of bribery have you thought of offering to buy Liam a Piper Cub is he’s successful? Granddaddy would be willing to teach him how to use it.

  • 5. Grandaddy&hellip  | 

    Oh, am I getting fuzzy or does the title of this piece actually mean something? I think you’ve been reading your students’ stuff too much.

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