Almost summer

April 19, 2011 Jordana

You’d never know it from the weather here (in the mid 40’s on a good day), but summertime is nigh, even in the Frozen North. How can I tell? The grading is piling up, and the Husbandlet is gone. He is in a village that is accessible only by boat and small airplane. He’ll be gone for a little over a week, so this is nothing … the merest warm-up for field season this summer.

My students do insist on handing in work. I think they will be over that in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been designing a class that I’ll be teaching online this summer, and I’ll be covering classes for a week on campus for the New Professor (who is celebrating his new job by going to jury duty for the first week on contract) … but life is about to get a little less crazy and I am looking forward to that. Oh, wait. Summertime also means summer vacation for Ngaire … I am kind of one of those moms who really likes having my kids in school because I am not that great at coming up with stuff for them to do. Perhaps it is time to institute Chores, as in, “Oh, you’re bored, are you? Here, scrub this toilet.”

On second thought, they might like that a little too much.

I had a birthday! The Husbandlet has promised me some high-tech hiking pants … the Frozen North is rubbing off on me.

I’ve discovered and have been reading my way through the works of Neil Gaiman … verdict is enjoyment, overall, though not so much with American Gods. Let’s just say I agree more with the lower reviews on Amazon …

Listening? I’ve discovered Audrey Assad … highly recommend.


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